3 benefits of IT certification

The International Data Corporation ran a study to discover if certification makes a difference for technology employees. They found that, in addition to support a broad range of technology needs and efforts, there were specific benefits of IT certification that helped professionals stand out from the crowd. IT professionals with certifications tend to be:

1. More productive: Certified professionals are 17% more productive than their counterparts. They are also better equipped to assist with complex challenges, support uncertified staff and act as mentors.

2. Better at risk management: The study found that certified technical professionals tend to reduce unplanned downtime by 56%. They are better equipped to diagnose problems, increase system reliability and reduce the severity and duration of outages.

3. More agile and efficient in their work: Earning technology certifications make IT professionals more efficient at bringing new features and applications to market. How much more efficient? 58%, according to companies with tight deadlines. The same companies reported that technology workers with certifications deliver about 66% more applications on budget.

Employers know that IT staff members with certifications are on-boarded more quickly, they take on more responsibilities than their noncertified counterparts and their engagement level is higher. They show greater commitment to their employers with tenures that are 15% longer than their peers. In short, IT certifications are a good career builder for IT professionals and a safe bet for potential employers.

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