What's the Best CompTIA A+ Certification Study Guide?

With more than 1 million A+ certified individuals world-wide, CompTIA A+ certification is one of the most popular certifications for IT professionals to earn. Pearson VUE has created the ultimate CompTIA A+ certification study guide in the CompTIA A+ Deluxe eBundle. This comprehensive preparation kit contains all the necessary tools to prepare for the CompTIA A+ 220-801 and 220-802 certification exams. 
Key to this bundle is the CompTIA A+ (220-801 & 220-802) Authorized Cert Guide, Deluxe Edition, which is a comprehensive resource in itself. Published by Pearson IT Certification, it is the go-to learning resource for everything CompTIA A+.
Highly respected authors Mark Soper, David Prowse and Scott Mueller team up to share preparation and test-taking tips with the goal of helping you to identify and master your areas of weakness and strengthen your grasp of concepts and hands-on skills. Their concise style is enhanced by full color graphics that strengthen your understanding of the material. And, because this is an eBundle, you can start studying almost immediately after purchase. With this eBundle there’s no waiting for books to arrive in the mail. Once access keys to the purchased materials are delivered to your email and you have easy online access to begin your exam preparation right away.
Also included in this eBundle are two MeasureUp practice tests and two exam vouchers, one each for the 220-801 and 220-802 exams.
MeasureUp is the leading provider of certification practice tests and assessments for IT professionals. Whether taking instructor-led training or embarking on a self-study regime, these two practice tests are critical for mastering the objectives of the CompTIA A+ exam objectives.
MeasureUp ensures that all objectives of the exam are covered in depth in the practice tests so you'll be ready for any question on the exam. The practice tests are written by industry experts in the A+ subject matter. MeasureUp practice test developers work closely with certification providers to understand the exam objectives, participate in beta testing and take the exam themselves before creating new practice tests.
MeasureUp practice tests provide the following benefits:
  • Online performance-based simulations give hands on work environment experience
  • Questions are similar to exam questions so you test your knowledge of exam objectives
  • Detailed explanations for both correct and distractor answers reinforce the material
  • Study Mode covers all objectives ensuring topics are covered
  • Certification Mode (timed) prepares students for exam taking conditions
  • Instant, drill-down score reports tell you exactly the areas to focus on. 

And when
you are ready to sit for your A+ exams, included in this eBundle are two CompTIA A+ exam vouchers, one each for 220-801 and 220-802 exams. The exams have an expiration date of one year from date of purchase, so you have ample time to prepare to take the exams without the pressure of a looming test date.

What’s included in the CompTIA A+ Deluxe eBundle:
  • The Premium Edition eBook and Practice Test contains the following items:
    • The A+ 220-801 and 220-802 Premium Edition Practice Test, including eight full practice exams and enhanced practice test features 
    • PDF and ePUB formats of the CompTIA A+ 220-801 and 220-802 Authorized Cert Guide, Deluxe Edition from Pearson IT Certification, which are accessible via your PC, tablet, and smartphone 
    • Premium Edition practice test: 
      • An enhanced version of the Pearson IT Certification Practice Test (PCPT) software with eight full practice exams.  
      • All the end-of-chapter assessment questions from the book.
        Direct links from each question to detailed tutorials to help you understand the concepts behind the questions. 
      • Unique sets of exam-realistic practice questions. 
      • Performance tracking and feedback on a module basis, fully assessing your knowledge and helping you to discover areas requiring further study
  • The MeasureUp A+ Practical Application (220-801) 30-Day Practice Test contains 245 questions covering the following objectives:
    • PC Hardware
    • Networking
    • Laptops
    • Printers
    • Operational Procedures
  • The MeasureUp A+ Practical Application (220-802) 30-Day Practice Test contains 275 questions divided among the following topics:
    • Security
    • Mobile Devices
    • Troubleshooting (120)
  • Two CompTIA A+ (220-801 & 220-802) exam vouchers. These vouchers are only valid for use at a Pearson VUE test center in the USA. Vouchers expire 12 months from date of purchase. 
Simply put, the CompTIA A+ Deluxe eBundle is an all-inclusive A+ certification prep package designed to help you acquire the essential knowledge needed to earn your A+ credential. With this eBundle, you will have everything you need to get A+ certified.

How to Study for IT Certifications: Use Flashcards!

One of the perks of buying your self-study materials is that you can WRITE in them, right? Just go to town with the ubiquitous yellow highlighter and the next thing you know, only words like “the”, “and” and “to” are left untouched. And you feel like you’re studying hard—wringing the most out of the text in preparation for your exam.
The truth is that the more you underline the less you know exactly what you need to remember. In 2013, five psychology professors from the University of Virginia, the University of Wisconsin, Kent State University and Duke University collaborated to test ten different learning strategies to determine what works and what only feels like it works. In case you were wondering, this is where you retire your highlighter and pick up some flashcards.
The report, “Improving Students’ Learning With Effective Learning Techniques: Promising Directions From Cognitive and Educational Psychology”, published in the journal of the Association for Psychological Science, Psychological Science in the Public Interest, cites distributed practice and practice testing as the most effective study methods, receiving the highest overall utility ratings.
So, let’s break this down. Distributed practice means you study for short sessions over a longer period of time—no cramming. Practice tests are exactly that, but there is more than one way for you to skin this particular cat: Flashcard drills. The study points out that the simple act of recalling information reinforces that knowledge and helps with later recall.
Additionally, flashcards can effectively take complex material and break it down in to digestible segments, making the information easier to learn; Translation: the more you practice, the better prepared you are. If you combine traditional practice tests with flashcards, then you have a winning strategy that both familiarizes you with the exam format and allows you to target areas of difficulty with additional drills.
To jumpstart your exam preparation, mindhub has a wide variety of certification flashcards and practice tests to show you how to study for IT certifications.