Why You Should Use Mike Meyer's Guide to Managing and Troubleshooting PCs

Individuals in the process of becoming certified for CompTIA A+ are required to sit for two separate exams: 220-801 and 220-802. Exam 220-801, where the questions are weighted heavily (67%) toward computer hardware and networking, is thoroughly covered in this 4th edition, 352-page volume by McGraw-Hill Press called Mike Meyers' Guide to Managing and Troubleshooting PCs. As evidenced by its name, it is written by best-selling author Mike Meyers and covers the most recent (2012) revision of the CompTIA A+ 801 exam.

Managing and Troubleshooting PCs is an extremely effective exam preparation textbook noted for its easy, conversational teaching style and for providing information that's immediately applicable to real world situations. It's accompanied by a CD-ROM that features an "Introduction to A+" video by the author and includes a set of utilities and tools that can be used on the job or in the lab.

Unique Aspects

The interactive design of this tutorial program proves to be quite engaging. Full-color photos and illustrations make learning easy and enjoyable. Learning objectives for each chapter mimic the objectives detailed for the actual CompTIA A+ certification exam and a map to be used in finding further references is also included. You'll find important skill-development activities included along with a logical, step-by-step instructional method that includes thought-provoking sidebar questions, self-assessments and two practice exams meant to simulate the actual live test.

Key Elements

As an authorized CompTIA Gold Partner, McGraw-Hill has brought out a volume approved by CompTIA as having chapter content and objectives that are aligned with their own and that focus on the materials covered in the 801 exam. Materials available in addition to the printed textbook and CD-ROM include chapter quizzes accessible from a free learning center (online). Sidebars found throughout the printed pages provide encouragement for students to explore further on their own, to cross check what they've learned and also give insider tips and tricks from industry experts. You'll also find chapter reviews at the end of each section as well as:
  • Bulleted chapter summaries aligned with exam objectives
  • Exercises for building appropriate vocabulary and a list of key terms
  • Multiple-choice and case-study questions to provide focused study/practice
Many schools that offer associate degrees in IT require successful completion of a PC Troubleshooting and/or PC Repair course. CompTIA A+ certification provides you with a highly regarded credential accepted worldwide and one that many companies such as Lenovo, Dell, Oracle and others require of all their service technicians.

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