How to Get a Google Certification: Choosing the Right Study Materials

On mindhub you will find a wide variety of preparation and study materials for many recognized IT, governmental, academic, and professional certifications. Google is one of the many organizations represented. The Google Certification Program (GCP) offers certifications in three areas:

                  • Google App Tools 
                  • Google AdWords – fundamentals
                  • Google AdWords – reporting (analytics)

The advantages to becoming certified through Google's certification program are numerous. Google’s program is one of the premier certifications for professionals looking to work in Internet marketing, SEO (search engine optimization) and Web analytics industries. Successful completion of a GCP will also bring you recognition from employers and peers, increased opportunities for search-based web career, and enhanced Google search engine knowledge at a technical level.

To prepare for any of these three certifications, you can study from the appropriate comprehensive Google certification study materials prepkit by uCertify offered on

Becoming a Google Certified Apps Specialist is primarily for IT professionals who sell, support or administer Google Apps. There are two separate sections for this certification: Certified Sales Specialist and Certified Deployment Specialist. uCertify's Prepkit offered here at mindhub is software designed help prepare candidates to successfully pass the exam. This is a comprehensive, interactive, 209-question exam replication that details the type of questions found on the live Google Apps certification test and includes answers and complete explanations. The package includes chapter-by-chapter study notes, a comprehensive study helper, interactive quizzes and flash cards. There is no expiration for program use and one year of technical updates is included.

The uCertify Prepkits for the AdWords Fundamentals and the AdWords Reporting and Analysis Certification Exams follow along the same lines as the Google Apps Prepkit, containing 211 and 210 questions respectively with similar detailed explanations for both correct and incorrect answers.

The uCertify Prepkits available on mindhub are a proven method for Google certification exam preparation and a great source of information for gaining  more comprehensive knowledge of Google applications.

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