CompTIA Network+ Study Materials: Which Tools Are Best to Pass the Test?

The CompTIA Network+ Certification courses and learning tools, created by Axzo Press, lend tools to help all aspiring computer network professionals prep to earn professional credentials to succeed in their career.  In their learning tools package, Axzo Press is including pre-test and post-test assessment tools that have practice questions (multiple choice, multiple choice with multiple answers, and fill in the blank) similar to those offered on the CompTIA exam. This package of educational tools is designed for the CompTIA Network+ N10-005 exam and earned a 5.0/5.0 from ProCert Labs, the world's foremost quality assurance testing company for technical training and certification courseware.

Student Study Guide

Axzo Press’ course has a student study guide that is designed to be digested over a twenty-day period. Each day features one article or chapter that is composed of the aforementioned test questions. Each chapter also has test-taking advice. The CompTIA Network+ Study Guide is built off of the latest Network+ test, so you know you are getting up-to-date advice and practice in preparation of the $261 exam. There are over 150 practice test questions offered which gives you ample opportunity to walk into the exam on test day well-prepared and ready to go.

“Sneak Peak”

If the CompTIA Network+ study materials give you too much information, there are Network+ Cram Sheets, which Axzo Press calls “Sneak Peak,” that are extremely condensed versions of the study guide for memorizing information quickly. Also included in “Sneak Peak” are lists of tips and tricks that will help you pass the test and earn your certification. If you have time, read the study guide and then read through the cram lists. There are cram lists specifically detailing pertinent information on topologies, equipment, redundancy and fault tunneling, and remote access and tunneling.

Begin studying now with the Official CompTIA Network+ courseware by Axzo Press, available at

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