Wednesday, May 21, 2014

CompTIA A+ Test Questions: Where to Find the Right Study Materials

This exciting new CompTIA A+ 220-801 and 220-802 Authorized Cert Guide, Deluxe Edition, Premium eBook and Practice Test is a computer based preparation system that enables you to be fully prepared for the A+ certification exam. It hosts enhanced features such as Pearson IT Certification Practice tests with bonus video mentoring as a guided visual aid for preparation and review. This premium edition boasts eight full practice exams, PDF and ePUB formats of the certification guide that is accessible via your PC, tablet and smartphone.

Practice tests contain individual topic areas to help you focus on thoroughly understanding the depth of knowledge within a skill. Also, this learning package tracks your performance and provides feedback module-by-module, allowing you to identify particular focus areas. Exams provide realistic exam questions and are timed to give you an accurate stimulatory test exam.

The Premium eBook is a comprehensive study tool to help you master all the topics for the two-part 220-801 and 220-802 certification exam. It contains all CompTIA A+ certification exam topics and assesses your knowledge with chapter-ending quizzes for thorough assessment of core principles. With more than 1 hour of A+ how-to hardware videos, sample beep codes and troubleshooting tools, this Deluxe Edition guide is designed to support both efficient exam preparation and long-term mastery.  

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Benefits of CompTIA A+ Certification: Getting Ahead in IT

Even in a world where jobs seem harder to come by and economic times are tough, Information Technology (IT) continues to be an open, continually growing field in which an individual with the proper education and experience can flourish. Many positions are available for qualified IT professionals and one of the main criteria employers looking to fill vacancies use in hiring are relevant IT certifications such as those offered through CompTIA.

CompTIA's most popular certifications are A+, Network+ and Security+, with A+ being the industry standard, held by more than 950,000 individuals worldwide. Unlike many other certifications currently available, CompTIA A+ credential holders are required to demonstrate their competency using a wide range of different technologies and a variety of different operating systems.

CompTIA A+ certification, earned through the successful completion of two separate exams, is proof positive that one holding this particular credential has obtained the foundational job skills required to fill the position of computer technician and to fulfill the basic requirements of:

  • Computer installation
  • Preventative maintenance procedures
  • Networking
  • Troubleshooting and security

The benefits of the CompTIA A+ certification are numerous, but the most important advantage is that it can open the doors of a variety of IT career paths. In addition, according to the 2012 Global Knowledge Salary Survey, persons holding this certification earn an average annual income of nearly $65,000. CompTIA certifications have become known worldwide as accurate predictors of employee capabilities as the exams used are written and reviewed by the top experts in the field.

How to Become Certified

The first step to earning the CompTIA A+ certification is to study for and then successfully complete the two-part exam, numbers 220-801 and 220-802. The first exam deals with the fundamental of PC technology, installing and configuring PCs and other hardware and basic networking skills. Part Two deals with installing and configuring operating systems and basic configuration of mobile operating systems (Apple and Android).
The quickest and easiest method for learning the materials required and for preparing for the CompTIA A+ exams is to study the exam prep materials available at Here, you'll find top-rated certification study guides and practice tests, books, videos and complete eLearning courses directed at conquering the CompTIA A+ certification exam requirements. You'll also have access to the exam vouchers needed to gain entry to the specific exam you'll be taking. is your one-stop-shop for everything CompTIA.