CompTIA A+ Test Questions: Where to Find the Right Study Materials

This exciting new CompTIA A+ 220-801 and 220-802 Authorized Cert Guide, Deluxe Edition, Premium eBook and Practice Test is a computer based preparation system that enables you to be fully prepared for the A+ certification exam. It hosts enhanced features such as Pearson IT Certification Practice tests with bonus video mentoring as a guided visual aid for preparation and review. This premium edition boasts eight full practice exams, PDF and ePUB formats of the certification guide that is accessible via your PC, tablet and smartphone.

Practice tests contain individual topic areas to help you focus on thoroughly understanding the depth of knowledge within a skill. Also, this learning package tracks your performance and provides feedback module-by-module, allowing you to identify particular focus areas. Exams provide realistic exam questions and are timed to give you an accurate stimulatory test exam.

The Premium eBook is a comprehensive study tool to help you master all the topics for the two-part 220-801 and 220-802 certification exam. It contains all CompTIA A+ certification exam topics and assesses your knowledge with chapter-ending quizzes for thorough assessment of core principles. With more than 1 hour of A+ how-to hardware videos, sample beep codes and troubleshooting tools, this Deluxe Edition guide is designed to support both efficient exam preparation and long-term mastery.  

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