Cisco CCNA Security Course + Video Tutorial: Everything You Need to Know

The Cisco CCNA Security video course contains everything you need to prepare for the CCNA Security exam. The video segments map to exam topics covering:
  • Security and Cisco routers
  • AAA on Cisco devices with an in-depth look at TACACS and RADIUS
  • Access Control Lists
  • Secure network management
  • Common layer 2 attacks
  • Cisco firewall technologies
  • Cisco IPS
  • VPN technologies

The videos provide in-depth topic coverage, focusing on real-world scenarios and include demonstrations that reinforce learning objectives. In addition to a thorough grounding in basic network security principles and other topics, you will learn:

  • What AAA is and review its design considerations
  • How ACLs mitigate network threats
  • What is the management plane and which practices can be applied to enhance security
  • Protection against common layer two attacks
  • Different firewall technologies and their strengths and weaknesses

The Cisco CCNA Security course course allows you to self-pace your learning, accommodating your busy schedule and allowing you to spend more time on your areas of weakness. The demonstrations provide critical exhibits of workplace applicability, bringing the theory to life and deepening your understanding of not just “what”, but “why” and “how”. Whether used as a primary educational source for self-instructed learning or as a study aide for instructor-led training, the Cisco CCNA Security video course is an important tool in your training arsenal.

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