How Study Guides for the Insurance Licensure Exams Help You Pass

The Insurance Licensure Exam—Life and Health, Property and Casualty, or both— is not easy. It's also the barrier for entry into a career as an Insurance Agent. If you live near your state’s borders, you may want to get licensed in your neighboring state as well. 

Trust me, extra prep is a must. The national portion of the exam is just that—national. The content applies regardless of the state or jurisdiction you practice in. Keep in mind that there is still a difference in the national exam for Life and Health versus Property and Casualty. The state portion of the exam applies to the specific laws of the state you want to practice in. State laws vary greatly and it’s critical that you are well versed in the content. The 360 Training Insurance Prep Courses contain the definitive study guides for insurance licensure exams that you need to build your career.

360 Training offers online courses and materials designed to prepare you to pass both the national and state portion of the exam for the state or states you want to practice in. The courses themselves follow the pattern of the specific state’s offering, generally packaged as “Life & Health” and “Property & Casualty”. This segmentation allows you to purchase only the prep you need, when you need it.

Each tailored course contains chapter-based assessments for the national portion that emphasize the key points and allow you to gauge your understanding of the material. The state law section is specific to the state and exam. For example, the Life and Health Insurance Prep Course — PA contains course material specific to state law governing Life and Heath Insurance in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The state law section of each course contains its own exam, also targeting key points and comprehension. At the end of the course, there is a final exam. Additionally, 360 Training offers practice exams—the results of which will help you decide your preparedness for your licensure exam.

360 Training Insurance Exam Preparation is available for:

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