IT Practice Labs Review: An Easy Way to Get a Leg Up On Certification Exams

No one wants to have to re-take a certification exam. So, the best way to pass the first time is to be prepared. Really prepared. I-can-do-this-in-my-sleep prepared. This is easier said than done when it comes to Cisco, CompTIA, Microsoft and VMware certifications. Learning about a skill and understanding the theory behind it is not the same as mastering the skill. We all know that the best way to master a skill is to practice it…a lot. How do you practice? IT Practice Labs. 

Practice-IT Practice Labs products are designed specifically to give you the tools you need to practice and master the actual skills being taught—in eCourses, traditional classroom settings, or self-study regimens—without the need to purchase hardware or software. Practice-Labs are designed to compliment the training process and extend the learning cycle through the addition of meaningful practice in the form of an online virtual environment. Here’s the thing—and this is key—it’s NOT a simulator. It’s the real thing.

What is a Practice Lab?

What you get when you purchase a practice lab is access to “real hardware” that is PC, Mac and Tablet accessible with a unified interface ­from your Web browser. This means that you are working with the most current industry technology and executing tasks that are directly related to the skills required on the certification examination. The labs contain pre-configured hardware layouts and are accompanied by lab guides that let you "hit the ground running". While the step-by-step instructions provide an engaging experience, the best part is that you can learn from your mistakes by “breaking” the hardware and “resetting” it. This feature allows you to figure out the appropriate solution to a scenario you are likely to encounter on the job.

The training platform is the core of Practice-IT practice labs. This platform is designed specifically for IT training. It’s a learning management system (LMS) that integrates Practice-Labs, training content and a knowledge base with collaboration and social learning functions that enhance the user experience and keep help right at your fingertips. With thousands of exam-related practical tasks covering topics from Cisco, CompTIA, Microsoft and VMware, Practice-IT Labs are a critical step in your certification success.

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