Microsoft Word 2010 Training: How Expert Labs Helps You Get Ahead

MOS:Microsoft Word 2010 Expert Labs (77-877) from uCertify are a cost effective way to complete your Microsoft Word 2010 training goals. The labs may be mapped to any textbook, self-directed course or training and simulate real-world environments and situations, making them the ultimate tool for those looking to master this Microsoft application. 

The uCertify MOS: Microsoft Word 2010 Expert Labs are self-paced, allowing you to go at your own pace—reviewing areas of weakness more carefully while stepping quickly through the sections where you have a solid foundation. This functionality also allows you to schedule study and training times that best fit your schedule. Your uCertify access key is valid for one year from the date of enrollment, so you can easily resume your studies if you are forced to take an extended break. 

uCertify content is developed by subject matter experts with a minimum of 15 years of real-world experience in their respective fields. This wide-lens approach facilitates the inclusion of interactive exercises that have current application to real-world situations. When combined with uCertify’s award-winning learning platform, LMS, the content comes to life. Instead of spending time learning the platform, you are able to immediately focus on the subject matter, interactive exercises and simulations—putting your knowledge to the test and deepening your understanding and ability to retain and recall the content points. 

uCertify Expert Labs are compatible with both iOS and Android devices in addition to access from any personal computer or laptop, making study highly convenient. The only technical requirements are access to the Internet and any modern browser—less than two years old.

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