In-Depth Insight on the LPIC-1 Certification Study Guide: How It Can Help You

Earning your LPIC-1 certification is documented proof of your understanding of the Linux Kernel. The uCertifyLPIC-1 Exam 1 Junior Level Linux Professional course is an online LPIC-1 study guide that can be used alone or as additional preparation along with an instructor-led course. The easy-to-use course is designed specifically to help you assess your preparedness for the certification exam. 

This prepkit—pre-assessment, eBook, practice exams, videos, electronic flashcards, and searchable glossary of terms—covers all the exam objectives, highlights key concepts and features real-world scenarios. Topics include system architecture, installation, GNU and Unix commands, Linux files sytems, essential system services, networking fundamentals, and security, among others. 

Beginning with the pre-assessment, you receive an honest appraisal of your current state of preparation for the exam. The handy indexing feature provides complete explanations of each pre-assessment question and points you to the chapter where you can further research the topic, allowing you to identify and reinforce your areas of weakness. 

Because this is a self-study course, you go at your own pace; spending as much time as you need on any given topic before moving on to the next. This gives you the freedom to concentrate on your areas of weakness without the hassle of classroom schedules or worry about falling behind the class. Interactive exercises provide the hands-on training that is critical to understanding the concepts covered in the materials. Actionable analytics and a study planner keep you focused on the task at hand and provide a logical study path. The one-year license gives you the flexibility to learn at your own pace while providing just enough time pressure to encourage you to complete the training. 

The content is developed by world-class subject matter experts with a minimum of 15 years of real-world experience. This is combined with a platform that is intuitive and can be accessed through a personal laptop or iOS or Android device. All you need is an Internet connection and current browser.

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