Benefits of Earning the CompTIA Mobility+ Certification

CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association), accepted worldwide as the leading, vendor-neutral certifier of IT skills among Information Technology professionals, has recently announced a brand new certification category called CompTIA Mobility+. Individuals earning this certification will have demonstrated the ability to work within a wireless, mobile environment, deploying, integrating, managing and supporting the devices and network infrastructure within that environment. This includes the ability to troubleshoot problems and to maintain the best practices in mobile security.

The entire world of computing has gone wireless and earning the CompTIA Mobility+ certification is integral in building a valuable skill set and maintaining a high degree of credibility within the IT community. The examination used to confer the Mobility+ certification, exam MB0-001, deals with the following areas:

  • Mobile networking and infrastructure design
  • Over-the-air technologies
  • Management of various mobile communication/computing devices
  • Mobile systems troubleshooting and security measures

Earning the Mobility+ certification will allow you to differentiate yourself from your peers as being in possession of an important skill set needed for dealing with various mobile technologies and issues. This is an area in which nearly half of the IT professionals questioned in a recent CompTIA survey admitted to having a skills/knowledge gap. It should also be noted that positions dealing with mobile technologies are currently one of the fastest growing in the industry.

Here at mindhub, one of the CompTIA Mobility+ training resources we offer is an all-inclusive electronic training bundle for candidates interested in preparing to take CompTIA Mobility+ exam (MB0-001). It's offered by LogicalCHOICE, a highly-regarded IT courseware provider awarded with a five out of five-star rating from ProCert Labs. Course components include an eBook and supporting data files accessible through a variety of media for study anytime and anywhere, just like the mobile communications with which the coursework deals.

Additional resources include a variety of checklists that can be used as reference when completing common mobility tasks and procedures while on the job. You'll also find a collection of assessment questions to use in gauging your understanding of the different topics learned and be introduced to both the Twitter and LinkedIn communities for the purpose of interacting with others who are also on the path to obtaining the CompTIA Mobility+ certification.

Candidates who want to take the fast track to earning this valuable and prestigious credential will find this course a complete and comprehensive way to master the material necessary to prepare for getting the Mobility+ exam. Look to mindhub, from Pearson VUE, for the best certification preparation materials available to help you reach your certification and career goals.

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