Thursday, January 7, 2016

Cisco Learning Products: An In-Depth Cisco Training Review

The Cisco Learning Network is a social networking-based global community focused on IT industry careers through Cisco products, learning and certification. The goal of the community is to provide sustainable learning through published materials — Cisco Learning Products — mentoring and training resources among other features. The various learning materials they publish offer opportunities for instructor-led training as well as self-study programs in preparation for Cisco Certification exams. This Cisco training review is designed to help users begin the process of tackling these exams.  

When it comes to learning any product, the vendor-produced materials are critical, first-hand source. Whether used for independent study in conjunction with formal training, as a component of training, or as a means to add or fine-tune skills, you can take it for granted that no one knows a product better than its designer.

Cisco Learning Products offer an astonishing array of exam preparation materials that are mapped to the learning objectives of each certification exam. Self-paced study options allow you to fit independent learning into your schedule.

Cisco 360 Learning Program products are ninety minute, self-paced video lessons that include supplementary self assessment quizzes and hands-on labs so you will master exam material quickly and efficiently.

Cisco eLearning courses provide 5 to 6 hours of media-rich, on-demand training that is mapped to specific exam objectives. The courses are divided into short modules and use text, audio narration, graphical images, drawings and video to illustrate the proper procedures for diagnosing and resolving common issues. Purchase covers a one-year subscription period, for a single user, as well as access to the most current information on Cisco products. Cisco eLearning courses are “the authorized training” for Cisco Certification exams.

Cisco Learning Labs provide a set of realistic lab exercises to help students get started with Cisco IOS Software on UNIX lab environment. Instructional videos are included for all lab exercises to provide additional guidance...

Finding the right Cisco training product for your needs is as simple as perusing the online catalog at mindhub.

Skip the Resolution: Create An IT Career Development Plan & Get Certified!

At this time of year, we often take a moment or two to reflect on the year gone by and make some … umm …”plans” for what we want to achieve in the year ahead.  So, when focusing on your IT career development, whatever you do, do NOT to “resolve” to do anything. Face it: resolutions are generally abandoned within the month. Instead, take some time to read the landscape. Reassess your interests. See if your long-term goals are achievable from the path you’re currently on. Sketch out your IT career development plan for your immediate future, with “next steps” that you can take today.

Even if your first action is small, it’s important to get started — get some momentum that you can develop and grow. It’s no secret that Networking and Security are in demand.  But don't forget to look at the rest of the field for the disciplines that are most attractive to you. Whatever you opt to do, identifying the right training and certification program is key to your IT career development. Strike while the iron is hot and get started as early as possible. Just don’t make any promises to yourself you can’t or won’t keep.