Monday, October 14, 2013

Reason Why Acquiring Professional and IT Certification Will Help You Get Ahead

Certifications for Project Management or IT technical specialties are a great way to jump-start your career. Whether you are searching for a job or gaining additional qualifications in your current position, a new certification will help build your portfolio. Whether you are exploring taking a certification course or by self-study pursing a new certificate will help your gain new skills and increase the breadth and depth of your industry knowledge.

Along with gaining technical qualifications, having professional certifications can put you ahead in the recruitment game and help you stand out to both internal and external hiring managers. Successful applicants are more likely to have additional qualifications listed on their resume than candidates who do not and more likely to be chosen for job. Why? Getting certified affirms your industry expertise, motivation for improvement, and the ability to learn new skills, help making you a valuable asset to a company or team.
Here at mindhub, we offer certification preparation materials in areas such as project management, IT and technology and business analyst to name a few. There are plenty of reasons to have certifications. Here are some highlights:

Project Management

·       Effectively manage people working together
·       Create a project plan, outlining tasks and deadlines
·       Establish clear project objectives, goals and accountability
·       Inspire and motivate your team

IT and Technology Specialist

·       Gain knowledge of security changes in IT
·       Discover updates in software to increase network efficiency
·       Develop administrative, support and troubleshooting capabilities

Business Analyst

·       Find business development opportunities
·       Eliminate organizational inefficiencies
·       Increase deliverable productivity
·       Make founded recommendations to improve quality assurance

There are many areas in your professional career where certifications are not only required but helpful in advancement. These certifications grow your problem solving skills and depth of knowledge. If you are interested in learning more about certification preparation options available to you, please visit us at:

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