Thursday, August 17, 2017

MeasureUp Practice Tests Help You Pass On the First Try

Everyone knows that attaining an IT certification can give your career a boost and increase your earning potential in the IT sector. Taking an exam is a big investment and you’ll want to be prepared so that you can pass on your first try. Nobody wants to take the same exam twice -- especially if you have to pay twice. MeasureUp practice tests help candidates prepare and practice for exams.

MeasureUp provides everything needed to pass your certification exam with current content in a feature-rich test engine. MeasureUp practice tests are endorsed by leading certification programs including Microsoft, Cisco, VMware and CompTIA.

What is included in a MeasureUp practice test?

  • Questions mapped to vendor objectives
  • Remediation with detailed explanations and references
  • Personalized study, custom and certification modes
  • Detailed reporting to identify strengths and areas for improvement

"I've used MeasureUp in the past, gives you a good feel for the style and type of questions in the real exam." - Dawn Y.

"Definitely worth the money. Free versions just don't compare. Found explanations with each question extremely useful." - Heather L.

Are you prepared for your next IT exam? Shop available Measureup practice tests.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Top Career Benefits of Microsoft Azure Certification Training

Advancing Your Career with Microsoft Azure

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a flexible, open, and secure public cloud built for business. It enables you to access a broad collection of integrated services that accommodate many languages and operating systems. By using Azure, you’ll have access to world-class tools to accelerate a wide variety of app development and delivery capabilities.

Discover the Benefits of Microsoft Azure Training

With the rapid adoption of cloud services, the need for enough people with the right skills is more critical than ever. Developing skills for new cloud roles represents a great opportunity for those entering the IT industry or perhaps looking to change careers. For those already in the industry, this may represent a path to expansion of their current role or migration to a new one based on the shifting needs of their organization. To address the changing shift in the marketplace, Microsoft offers a series of azure online training and certification opportunities to help you become a highly capable cloud technologist.

Start by building the skills you need at your own pace with Azure online training courses. Then, prove to your company or hiring managers that you’re ready to take their business to the cloud by getting Microsoft Certified. Over 125,000 IT candidates have enrolled in Azure courses since they launched and more than 70,000 have earned Microsoft Azure Cloud Certifications.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Exam 70-697 Configuring Windows Devices: What You Get with a Practice Test

Microsoft Official Practice Test 70-697

With the growing demand for Configuring Windows Devices certifications, the Microsoft Official Practice Test 70-697 Configuring Windows Devices powered by MeasureUp is a great choice for preparing you for the 70-697 exam.

The Microsoft exam 70-697 practice test is a specialist level certification for IT professionals who have experience with Windows desktop administration, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Additionally, exam candidates need to demonstrate skills and should have experience with Windows networking technologies skills; they need working knowledge or better of Active Directory and Microsoft Intune.

The 75-question exam includes thorough explanations on the following topics:
  • Manage Identity: 10 questions
  • Plan Desktop and Device Deployment: 8 questions
  • Plan and Implement an Intune Device Management Solution: 8 questions
  • Configure Networking: 9 questions
  • Configure Storage: 8 questions
  • Manage Data Access and Protection: 8 questions
  • Manage Remote Access: 8 questions

Candidates preparing to take the 70-697 exams should be able to:
  • Manage identity
  • Plan deployments
  • Plan and implement device management with Intune
  • Configure networking and storage
  • Manage data access and protection protocols
  • Manage remote access, apps, updates, and recovery

Content for Microsoft official practice tests is developed by subject matter experts using with real-world experience. As the official practice test for Microsoft, the content is closely aligned to exam objectives.
  • Study mode overs all of the exam objectives and makes sure that you hit all the topics
  • Certification mode is a timed practice test that closely mirrors the actual testing experience, so you know what to expect on test day
  • The detailed explanations found in the score reports give you a better understanding of why a response is correct or incorrect

While utilizing the configuring windows devices practice test cannot guarantee that you will pass the exam; using the practice tests that Microsoft itself has chosen as its official practice test is a safe bet when it comes to content relevancy and user experience. What further endorsement do you need?

3 Benefits of IT Certification: Is Certification Worth It?

The International Data Corporation ran a study to discover if certification makes a difference for technology employees. They found that, in addition to support a broad range of technology needs and efforts, there were specific benefits of IT certification that helped professionals stand out from the crowd. IT pros with certifications tend to be:

More productive: Certified professionals aren’t just 17% more productive than their counterparts. They are also better equipped to assist with complex challenges, support uncertified staff and act as mentors.

Better at risk management: The study found that certified technical professionals tend to reduce unplanned downtime by 56%. This is a direct result of the fact that certified professionals are better equipped to diagnose problems, increase system reliability and reduce the severity and duration of outages.

More agile and efficient in their work: Earning technology certifications make IT pros more efficient at bringing new features and applications to market. How much more efficient? 58%, according to companies with tight deadlines. The same companies reported that technology workers with certifications deliver about 66% more applications on budget

If you’ve been debating the benefits in earning IT certifications and still aren’t convinced here’s one last data tidbit:

Employers know that IT staff members with certifications are on-boarded more quickly, they take on more responsibilities than their noncertified counterparts and their engagement level is higher. They show greater commitment to their employers with tenures that are 15% longer than their peers. In short, IT certifications are a good careerbuilder for IT pros and a safe bet for potential employers.

Get started on your IT certification today. The mindhub store offers a wide range of preparation materials for certification programs like Cisco, CompTIA, LPI, Microsoft, Oracle, VMware, and many more.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Cisco Learning Products: An In-Depth Cisco Training Review

The Cisco Learning Network is a social networking-based global community focused on IT industry careers through Cisco products, learning and certification. The goal of the community is to provide sustainable learning through published materials — Cisco Learning Products — mentoring and training resources among other features. The various learning materials they publish offer opportunities for instructor-led training as well as self-study programs in preparation for Cisco Certification exams. This Cisco training review is designed to help users begin the process of tackling these exams.  

When it comes to learning any product, the vendor-produced materials are critical, first-hand source. Whether used for independent study in conjunction with formal training, as a component of training, or as a means to add or fine-tune skills, you can take it for granted that no one knows a product better than its designer.

Cisco Learning Products offer an astonishing array of exam preparation materials that are mapped to the learning objectives of each certification exam. Self-paced study options allow you to fit independent learning into your schedule.

Cisco 360 Learning Program products are ninety minute, self-paced video lessons that include supplementary self assessment quizzes and hands-on labs so you will master exam material quickly and efficiently.

Cisco eLearning courses provide 5 to 6 hours of media-rich, on-demand training that is mapped to specific exam objectives. The courses are divided into short modules and use text, audio narration, graphical images, drawings and video to illustrate the proper procedures for diagnosing and resolving common issues. Purchase covers a one-year subscription period, for a single user, as well as access to the most current information on Cisco products. Cisco eLearning courses are “the authorized training” for Cisco Certification exams.

Cisco Learning Labs provide a set of realistic lab exercises to help students get started with Cisco IOS Software on UNIX lab environment. Instructional videos are included for all lab exercises to provide additional guidance...

Finding the right Cisco training product for your needs is as simple as perusing the online catalog at mindhub.